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Heat Erasable Fabric Pen - Fine Point - Black Ink

Heat Erasable Fabric Pen - Fine Point - Black Ink

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Heat Erasable Fabric Pen. These Fine Point FriXion ball pens have a unique thermo-sensitive gel ink formula that disappears with heat.

Having experimented with various fabric pens throughout the years, I can confidently declare these pens have secured their place as my absolute favorite.

Crafted with precision, the fine ball point of these pens effortlessly delivers crisp lines on fabric, ensuring your creative endeavors are marked with perfection. When the time comes for the ink to disappear, simply embrace the convenience of either using your hair dryer on the heat setting, delicately hovering over the design until it effortlessly erases, or opt for the classic method of ironing your fabric.

 As with any pen, please remember to reseal the cap after each use to safeguard against potential drying.

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