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Thread Head Designs

Customize your Pack - Monsters & Magic Stick & Stitch

Customize your Pack - Monsters & Magic Stick & Stitch

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Kindly specify your preferred stickers & quantities in the designated "Order Special Instructions" box at checkout.

5 Designs to choose from!

1. Sally the Spider

2. Magical Stamp

3. Larry the Lava Lamp

4. Barry the Beetle

5. Bartholomew the Bat

In addition to the stick and stitches you will also receive a QR code that will direct you to step-by-step instructions with images for my favorite (and most used) beginner-friendly stitches. I also invite you to watch my video tutorials located in my “Beginner Tutorials” playlist on Tiktok! 

Specific step-by-step guides are not included for individual designs. I invite you to unleash your creativity with these stickers!

The enchantment lies in your hands as you choose the colors and stitches that speak to your artistic vision. Should you ever find yourself curious about which stitches to use, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email or through my website. I’m here to help guide you through your stitching journey!

Designs are pre-printed on sticky washable stabilizer. Peel off the backing, stick onto your project area, and begin stitching. Once your project is complete run your fabric under warm water or submerge your design in a bowl of warm water, continue rubbing at the stick and stitch until it completely disappears. I recommend using DMC thread. This is the only thread I use. Please remember to knot your thread in the back, as it may unravel if you don't.

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